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         BOOK 1

It all begins here with the amazing story of The Broken J and the beautiful love story of Philomena and Chase Haven...

     BOOK 2

The romance of Madison, the shy librarian from New York and her handsome wrangler, Randal...

    BOOK 3

Jill Michaels, a successful travel critic, thought her life was over when Afghanistan left her a widow, but turns out, Chase Haven has a cousin, Logan...

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Video Interview with Author Lisa M. Prysock- Dreams of Sweetwater River

  A Wahoo moment!  My first Contemporary Christian Romance!

Book 4 in our series.... a modern mail order bride story and the romance of Michelle and Kade.nce Ballard. because everyone wants to know Kade's story! 

          Book 5

Nursing an injury after a rodeo accident, Brayden isn’t ready when feisty Maisey is bucked into his life. She’s beautiful, broken, and everything he could ever want. After just a few days, he's almost got her convinced she can be whole, until a wrench in the form of his mother is thrown into the mix.

                     Book 6

Charlotte Lewis has the life she always dreamed of in London.  Her low profile career and private flat allow her to hide in plain sight, away from the paparazzi obsessed with her famous Hollywood family. Unlucky in love, she is content to live alone, until a tragic accident leaves her the guardian of her eight-year-old niece, Emma and co-owner of Morgan Stables in Wyoming. With no experience in raising children or caring for horses, Charlotte knows one thing. She desperately needs help.  Enter, Trevor Morgan, the horse whisperer.


 Book 7  

Katie, a successful fashion designer, has no regard for ranching. She hates dirt and isn’t fond of animals. Stuck on the ranch while the plane is being repaired, Katie has a knack for getting in trouble and is unpredictable.  McGuire finds himself at odds with the beautiful city girl and on the end of her temperamental side.  Don't miss this fun, lighthearted romance.

Click on any book cover to view these books at Amazon in another window.  Don't worry, this page will stay open..

Click on any book cover to view these books at Amazon in another window. Don't worry, this page will stay open..

Marry Me Katie Book Trailer

Marry Me Katie Author INterview

Book 8

Austin Gaines grew up knowing two things—he was born to be a professional bull rider and marry Laina Olsen, the girl next door.

Achieving his dreams ends up being the easy part, but keeping hold of them proves impossible when an addiction tears his life apart. Years later and back on the right track, Austin finds himself only eight seconds away from winning the championship, but there’s just one problem. He can only think about the love he let slip through his fingers six years ago. Will a grand gesture on live television help him win back his wife’s heart?

After six years of waiting, Laina is ready to let Austin go. Her strong-willed cowgirl heart has always helped her survive before, so Laina believes she could start a new life without him. However, she is blindsided when Austin shows up on her television screen, giving a sign he still loves her. Will eight seconds bring them back together or end in disaster?

You’ll be on the edge of your seat while reading this suspenseful and romantic stand-alone tale in the Whispers in Wyoming Series, focusing on faith, redemption and second chances.

Book 9

Delmarie Rivera has checked out of life, turning her back on God and a world she once loved. Still struggling to recover from past hurts and loss she reluctantly allows her mother to drag her along for a western weekend at a Dude ranch in Wyoming where a chance encounter with an old friend starts her on a path she doesn't want to travel.

Colby Springer is the blacksmith at the Broken J Ranch and has found a new joy in carrying on an old tradition. When he meets his ex-chaplain he's thrilled for a chance to catch up with a woman he has secretly loved for years. He's shocked, however, to discover the changes in his old companion; damage to both body and soul.

The Broken J Ranch has had a long tradition of healing hearts and giving hope to the weary as for years many have found a safe haven in its tranquil plains. Can an unexpected trek into the mountains surrounding the ranch start two souls on the right path or will they be destined to continue separated by both distance and beliefs?

Book 10

The romance continues in Book 10 of the ‘Whispers in Wyoming’ series when Bronson meets Tory, whose teenage kid sister, Harper, enters her in the Miss Lander Beauty Pageant, hosted by The Sweetwater Ranch. There’s fun, trouble, romance, and adventure with Tory being a tad klutzy, and the characters of Jill and Logan Haven jetting off to honeymoon in beautiful Ireland, returning in time to take the kids camping along the Oregon Trail to discover the history and struggle of pioneer life.

“No Place Like Home” may be read as a stand-alone. A lighthearted, endearing, clean and wholesome journey with an inspirational, Christian message that will leave you chuckling and turning the pages to find out what happens next in this contemporary western romance—be sure to download your copy today!

Book 11

An old acoustic guitar has collected dust in Hope Dawson’s closet for years, serving as a bittersweet memory of her father’s legacy. She has been running from the music stage for years, until wandering into a little music store in Tipton one morning. Will an unexpected meeting with a young guitar instructor revive her love of music?

Zane Wallace’s dream of becoming a country music performer vanished the day he lost his sight. Instead, he works in his parents’ music shop and mentors young musicians, hoping they will achieve the dream he failed to reach. When his students secretly enter him into a music competition, Zane is inspired, but will need help from a new acquaintance to show his students anything is possible.

Can God weave two broken pasts into a beautiful melody?