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         BOOK 1

It all begins here with the amazing story of The Broken J and the beautiful love story of Philomena and Chase Haven...

     BOOK 2

The romance of Madison, the shy librarian from New York and her handsome wrangler, Randal...

    BOOK 3

Jill Michaels, a successful travel critic, thought her life was over when Afghanistan left her a widow, but turns out, Chase Haven has a cousin, Logan...

Cover Reveal Video for Dreams of Sweetwater River-

Originally previewed in our Whispers of Wyoming Reader Group

Video Interview with Author Lisa M. Prysock- Dreams of Sweetwater River

  A Wahoo moment!  My first Contemporary Christian Romance!

Book 4 in our series.... a modern mail order bride story and the romance of Michelle and Kade.nce Ballard. because everyone wants to know Kade's story! 

          Book 5

Nursing an injury after a rodeo accident, Brayden isn’t ready when feisty Maisey is bucked into his life. She’s beautiful, broken, and everything he could ever want. After just a few days, he's almost got her convinced she can be whole, until a wrench in the form of his mother is thrown into the mix.

                     Book 6

Charlotte Lewis has the life she always dreamed of in London.  Her low profile career and private flat allow her to hide in plain sight, away from the paparazzi obsessed with her famous Hollywood family. Unlucky in love, she is content to live alone, until a tragic accident leaves her the guardian of her eight-year-old niece, Emma and co-owner of Morgan Stables in Wyoming. With no experience in raising children or caring for horses, Charlotte knows one thing. She desperately needs help.  Enter, Trevor Morgan, the horse whisperer.


 Book 7  

Katie, a successful fashion designer, has no regard for ranching. She hates dirt and isn’t fond of animals. Stuck on the ranch while the plane is being repaired, Katie has a knack for getting in trouble and is unpredictable.  McGuire finds himself at odds with the beautiful city girl and on the end of her temperamental side.  Don't miss this fun, lighthearted romance.

Click on any book cover to view these books at Amazon in another window.  Don't worry, this page will stay open..

Click on any book cover to view these books at Amazon in another window. Don't worry, this page will stay open..

Marry Me Katie Book Trailer

Marry Me Katie Author INterview