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A Bride for Lane &

          Mail Order Ramona

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Eugenie Hayes, an heiress seeking an escape from an undesirable betrothal, pursues a romantic notion to venture into the western frontier as a mail-order bride. Her mother met her father in the Wild West, and she aims to follow in their footsteps.

Lane Bolten, a Missouri farmer, wonders how he ended up with the wrong bride, and one who hasn’t worked on a farm a day in her life, can’t cook, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. There must be some mistake! This isn’t the bride he ordered from the agency.

Can a case of mistaken identity lead to romance, faith, purpose, and true love? Find out in this clean, sweet, Christian Historical Western Romance novella, and get your copy today!

Ramona Middleton has dreamed her whole life of growing up to become married one day with a husband, children, and a family of her own, but now she must become a teacher out west to support herself after the unexpected passing of her parents. When Corinthia McPherson, on her way to marry a man she's never met, panics and offers to trade places with her, Ramona jumps at the chance.

Jasper Shephard, a gentleman farmer from England, ordered an elegant, refined mail-order bride to help raise his children and stand at his side as the mayor of a small Missouri town after establishing his wheat and horse ranch in the Ozarks. With a mansion in town, a horse ranch in the countryside, and three children to manage, he needs someone polished who can manage both households. Corinthia arrives and does not appear to have the qualifications, proper upbringing, or experience he requested.

Can they muddle through Christmas until the agency can remedy this problem? Or will his heart prove to have other matters in mind as he becomes more acquainted with this rather delightful, intriguing bride and her unorthodox ways?

Get your opy of this sweet and inspirational historical romance today!

More Books in this Series