According to my research, the word "ARISE" is found in the King James Version of the Bible approximately 158 times. Jesus frequently used the word "ARISE" throughout His ministry. This devotional/Bible Study will examine many of those passages from the words of Jesus... and more.  Let this insightful book stir up your gifting and desires to do more in the Lord's kingdom and be about our Father's business. 

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There have been times in my life when I felt the Lord stir me through His word to "ARISE," to be doing things for the Kingdom of God; even though I didn't always feel qualified, and many times felt downright discouraged. Nonetheless, the Lord gave me courage. One way the Holy Spirit encouraged me was in helping me to frequently remember a favorite sermon preached by someone close to me about the patriarch Joseph. He titled the sermon: "Do the best you can in the worst of places." I never forgot those words.

Another way the Lord encouraged me was through a more personal revelation of Jesus and His message to the world... a message of hope, victory, joy, and peace. This revelation came at a great cost of sacrifice, discipline, worship, diligence, Bible study, and hours upon hours of prayer-- but most of all, the mercy of God as He reached out to me in all of my fragile state. He graciously made me aware of my need for more of Him and increased my desire for Him.

This book is my humble attempt to inspire, encourage, and share a few of my personal insights with those who would like to go deeper in their walk with Jesus Christ. Perhaps you need the courage to continue on and rise up to face a challenge... or a particularly difficult circumstance. In whatever situation you find yourself today, may these words richly bless, inspire, comfort, strengthen, and encourage you on your journey as you continue to pursue and walk with the Lord!

This black and white on cream paper is the alternative to the full color print version. This book may be used as a personal devotional. It may also be used as Sunday School materials or for small group Bible study. Extra pages for notes have been provided at various intervals throughout, along with space for answering the questions at the end of each chapter in the print version. Pictures in the kindle version may still appear in color on certain electronic devices.