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Billionaires & Debutantes

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 Book 1

Thrust into the role of a debutante, Mia Delphine Morgan, a pre-school teacher from Kentucky, must sink or swim among Manhattan’s elite. She’s not trained or refined for New York, Paris, or London high society, but the good she can do with a sizeable inheritance from her estranged Aunt Sylvia, propels her toward keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground—even though poise and polish aren’t exactly her thing.

Clayton James Bridgewater, III, is the fourth generation heir to a retail empire built from the ground up—one that exploded into success during the Great Depression Era when other industries were failing and floundering. When a secret from the past and family aspirations presented as obligations threaten to coerce him into a marriage of convenience, will he be forced to walk away from his rightful legacy to pursue his faith and obedience to Yeshua in order to have his true love at his side?

Get your copy today of this faith-inspired, Christian Contemporary, sweet romance novella. Readers will enjoy the humor and romantic comedy packed in this adventure.

When C.E.O. Alexander Brantley hires a public relations specialist from Glitter, Ltd. to do media damage control for Seventh Floor, Inc. after a fashion disaster involving one of his company’s designs, he has no idea his former teen crush is at the helm of the reputable firm. Glamorous, breathtaking, and all grown up, Jane Sheldon—the former girl next door—is taking on the assignment personally. Can he keep her safe in the midst of his storm? Dare he trust her with classified information when other matters begin to spiral out of control, submerging them into turmoil, and putting them on the run for their lives?

Jane returns to England on her private corporate jet, anxious to see Alex again after so many years, but all sorts of things have begun to go wrong. Their lives are constantly in danger. It appears as if someone wants them dead—but whom?

Get your copy of this sweet and clean, inspirational, faith-filled, Christian Contemporary Romantic Suspense novella today!

The books in this series may be read as stand-alone novels and in any order as they are connected mainly in theme only.