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Click on the covers (left or below) or the buttons to purchase books in this series at Amazon in the eBook version or standard paperback print version. This series is published by Magnolia Blossom Publishing in conjunction with DS Productions.

 King's Crossing

Published by Magnolia Blossom/Dusty Saddle Publishing

Readers who love Royal Romance and the Gilded Age or the Edwardian Era will enjoy this series. The books take place on a set of fictitious islands near Prince Edward Island around the years of 1907 to 1912. Bicycles, motor carriages, telephones, and cameras are becoming a part of modern life in this era with the new strides in technology and progress. Most of the story action takes place on an island called King's Crossing in the fictional nation of the Overland Isles.

Each book contains a map of the islands and some additional vocabulary pertaining to the heritage and ancestry of the people of Overland. Readers are in for an adventure! The books are inspired by the writer's imagination and her love for this time period in history. Each story contains various Christian themes and elements such as honor, inheritance, and overcoming challenges in life.

Book 3, Canterbury Bells, releases soon! Books 1 and 2 are full-length novels, and the third book is a novella. The books center around a royal family comprised of the Queen of Overland, Lily; her husband, King Consort Calvin; and their children, Prince Edwin, Prince Alex, Prince Christian, Princess Eden, and Princess Luella.

As always with Lisa's writing, these books are sweet, clean, wholesome, and inspirational. Order your copies today!

Other Books in This Series

The Prince's Pier released July 11, 2023 and is available in standard soft cover print version. My first dual timeline novel!

Canterbury Bells releases September 5th, 2023 and will soon be available in standard soft cover print version. Readers who received an advance copy of this novella said they loved this fun story about Princess Eden.