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Minnesota Bride

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Melody Ramsey has a daring and dangerous thirst for adventure in this inspirational Civil War romance. A governor’s daughter, she is in the unique position of meeting President Abraham Lincoln when news of the war breaks out. In fact, her father, the Governor of Minnesota, is the first to offer troops to Lincoln in response to his proclamation to put down the Confederate rebellion.

She has no idea how she’ll accomplish the mission in her heart, but she has a courageous if not overly zealous idea to become a spy before she settles down into becoming a teacher. Since she doesn’t see how it could happen, she tucks the idea away. When dashing military officer and Virginia mountain man, Captain Charles Trumbull, offers her a chance to meet the private secretary to Jefferson Davis by posing as his wife, she takes him up on the unconventional proposal. Can true love be found between the daughter of a northern Yankee politician and a man raised with southern tradition tearing a nation apart?

From the private sitting room of Lincoln at the White House, to the halls of the Richmond mansion of Varina and Jefferson Davis, to rigorous battles fought in the Appalachian Mountains, to a Minnesota metropolis capital city in a new state entering the Union, readers are along for an adventure and romance novella they won’t soon forget. Get your copy today and enjoy!