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Montana Meadows

Jocelyn Hayes and her two younger sisters have inherited the family farm in Honey River Canyon, Montana Territory, after their parents perished in a blizzard. Fast forward to 1877, five and a half years later, Josie is no longer seventeen going on eighteen, trying to survive. At twenty-three, beautiful, vivacious, and independent, she has learned to succeed. She has a strong desire to expand Cherry Crossing into the horse farm Pa had always envisioned, but one man stands in the way, Jacob Hunter. Infuriated, Josie hopes to change his mind, but can she fight a man she finds so infuriatingly attractive?

Published by Magnolia Blossom Publishing, readers are sure to be delighted by this Christian Western Historical Romantic Suspense series. 


Jackie & Zeke's Story
Jill & Trenton's Story
Josie & Jake's Story