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Silver Aspen 

The Prairie Princess

Both of these books may easily be read as stand-alone books. Follow Lady Mia's journey from England to Wyoming where she'll stop at nothing to avoid marriage and obtain instead, a chance to explore the Wild West and American pioneer life. Not even becoming a governess deters her, but the one thing she doesn't expect is falling in love with Joseph Stanton, a cattle baron, and the widowed father of her tomboy student, whom she is charged with transforming into a refined young lady with plenty of etiquette to spare.

Hazel's Tribulations

Can Lady Mia transform another hurting soul? When her cousin, Hazel, arrives at Silver Aspen Ranch in the middle of a blizzard, everyone wonders if she brought the storm with her. She's there at the behest of a father at his wit's end, and as a disciplinary measure for the trouble she caused him and her stepmother. From the moment she steps off the stage, Hazel has an attitude and a temper as far and wide as the Atlantic Ocean. Running from God and her own path of destruction, her antics don't get her very far in the town of Belle. What she doesn't expect is to be impacted by the good people of Belle and the ranch more than she impacts them.  

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