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           The Parson's Bride

This companion novel to the Brides of Pelican Rapids series may also be read easily as a stand-alone. It is a full-length novel, and in print is 203 pages long. It is one of Lisa's most unique stories. Her editor's first reaction, "The characters are wonderful, and readers are in for a rip-roaring good time!"

Here's the blurb--: 

After serving in the Civil War as part of a Minnesota infantry regiment, Zachary feels compelled to head further west to follow the call of God tugging on his heart. He has finally completed correspondence school and earned a certificate to become a preacher. He accepts a minister’s position in the small town of Blossom in Dakota Territory, but there’s a catch. The church board requires him to become married, and a mail-order bride soon becomes the remedy.

When his bride arrives by train from Ohio along with the spring blooms, he has no idea so much trouble can exist in such a pretty package. Miss Darcy Chenowyth takes his breath away with her good looks. However, she can barely cook or clean, and finding peace and tranquility to study his sermons proves hard won, if not scarce, after her arrival.

When a small town printing press, a boy named Charlie, and the mysterious Old Man Brompton compound their challenges, Zach wonders what else could possibly go wrong.

Get your copy of this sweet, inspirational, pioneer adventure today, and begin enjoying the Wild West as it comes alive in this Christian Historical Western Romance novel by award-winning Author Lisa M. Prysock!