My inspiration for writing Hannah's Garden stems from reading Anne of Green Gables.  I fell in love with the series and voraciously read as many of them as I could find... and many other books by Lucy Maude Montgomery. Then I had to watch the series on television and the movies. I dearly love the Anne stories and enjoy owning some of the books. They say, write what you want to read.  So, I did.  I hope you will enjoy reading Hannah's Garden as much as I did the writing. 

The theme of this wholesome, Christian, coming of age romance is suffering.  I wanted to write about overcoming tragedy and facing life courageously when life's circumstances create hardship. I wanted to share how we can pray and seek the Lord, spend time in the Word, and obtain miraculous intervention from a loving Savior who sees our suffering and will make things right.  When we lay down our lives and the expectations we have of how we think things should be, He steps in and gives us new life.  He who lays down his life will find it. 

I generally don't write about people I know.  There are little bits and pieces of me in all of my stories... and the characters are all fictitious. However, in this book, part of my inspiration for Hannah's adoptive father in the novel, Reverend Parker, is my grandfather. Just like the character in the book, my grandfather was always making up silly rhymes which brought joy and laughter to everyone around him. He was also a preacher and it was wonderful to grow up near him for a portion of my childhood. 

I did a lot of research to discover some of the phrases people used during this era.  "Bob's your uncle" is one you'll find in the story.  It meant that all was well.  I also researched many of the flowers, hymns, songs, books, fashions, modes of travel, recipes, cooking stoves, and events from the time period to enhance the story. The book shines a spotlight on evangelicals William Chapman and D.L. Moody. Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts... this book is perfect for your teen and pre-teen daughters, nieces, and granddaughters, but any age may enjoy this story. A number of adult readers have told me how encouraged they are by these books.

This book is available at many online retailers.  Hannah's Garden: a Turn of the Century Love Story,  Volume 1 of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series, can be found in standard print format with beautiful cream colored pages or eBook format at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The ebook can also be purchased at Apple iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and many other retailers. You can ask your your local book store to order it, and they usually will.  

Book Description (As it appears on Amazon):

Step into the Victorian Era, Turn-of-the-Century time period with
every turn of the page in this inspirational, Christian, Coming of Age, love story!
Meet Hannah Jubilee Parker of Brookside Meadow Farm. Travel back in time
with her on a journey that begins with tragic and challenging
circumstances that threaten to destroy her future; but ends with renewed
faith, true love and the triumph that comes in finding purpose, hope
and meaning in life. If you loved reading Lucy Maude Montgomery's
Anne of Green Gables, you will find Hannah's Garden reminiscent of
the orphan girl the world fell in love with.

Experience the heartache and victory of a closely knit family steeped

with the rich heritage of strong values and hard work. They are presented

with progress in every area of life. Queen Victoria, a woman, rules and reigns over the British Empire; Henry Ford is building his "Quadricycle;" and McKinley
is winning a campaign for the Presidency --from his front porch! Enjoy
getting to know the Parkers and their ten children; a Godly family
destined to succeed in spite of economic collapse.

Be delighted by the characters of a scenic, rural Kentucky town situated on

the Ohio River as they struggle to survive the Panic of 1893. While mortgage
foreclosures and job losses mount, Hannah's father, the Reverend Calvin
Parker, does his best to foster courage and faith during uncertain
times. As Hannah learns to cope with the anxiety of a painful past
through Christ-centered living and even risks dreaming big, she also
begins to embrace the large family that adopted her; but she isn't going
to fuss over the new intern who recently graduated from Westminster
Theological Seminary --who all of the young ladies in Lincoln County
haven't stopped trying to trap since he stepped off the train from

Study Guide for Hannah's Garden included in this book
with Scriptures on salvation. Lisa Prysock is also the author of
Abigail's Melody, Volume 2 of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series,
To Find a Duchess, An Inspirational Regency Romance Novel, and a
Ruth love story Regency novel: The Redemption of Lady Georgiana.

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Click on the book cover on the left or the button below to purchase this book from your favorite retailer.  In addition to eBook versions, like all of my books, this book is available in standard paperback print. Scroll further down to see a video author interview about this book.  Both books in this series feature new covers as of March 2018.  Scroll down further to to read about the sequel, Abigail's Melody.

Hannah's Garden: 

a Turn of the Century Love Story

The Victorian Christian

         Heritage Series

Abigail''s Melody

Click on the cover (right) or the button below to purchase this book at your favorite retailer in eBook or standard paperback print versions.

Abigail's Melody, Volume 2 of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series, takes place in 1906.  Think rebel preacher's kid in English countryside meets Downton Abbey.  Abigail, Hannah's sister, is in in the kind of trouble that would scandalize the small town of Garfield, Kentucky where this story begins.  Pregnant and out-of-wedlock, she needs a miracle.

Part of the reason I wrote this story is because I believe the Lord knows each of us in our mother's womb, just as the Word of God says.  The story presents an alternative to abortion as the heroine in the novel will discover after much agony and distress of the soul.  I do want readers to know they can be forgiven if they have had an abortion.  This book was not written to address any issues for those who have had an abortion, but readers tell me the book is uplifting,  encouraging, and not in any way condemning to those who have suffered the heartache of an abortion.  This particular issue is not a topic in the book though abortion is briefly mentioned near the beginning of the book as Abigail tries to wade through her options as an unwed mother.

The book is the approximate length of a novella.  Many of the same characters from the first book appear in the second, but it is easily read as a stand-alone.  There is much adventure packed into this powerful story.  The book is wholesome, clean, and appropriate reading for young women of age twelve and up.

Amazon's book description:

Volume 2, The Victorian Christian Heritage Series

You fell in love with Hannah in Volume 1, but wait until you meet the all grown up Abigail! In 1906, ruin and scandal await Miss Abigail Careen Parker in this turn of the century, Victorian Era novel!

Think rebel preacher's kid on the adventure of a lifetime in English countryside with an aristocratic Viscount!

A story of sisters, family, courage, faith & triumph in the face of adversity! Historical spotlight on William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army!

Both of these books feature new covers as pictured below--which are more time period accurate--as of March 2018. Available at many retailers, these books remain a favorite among readers. They are suitable for young adult readers who prefer sweet, clean, and wholesome reading with a strong Christian influence.

Hannah's Garden & Abigail's Melody, a two-book, Victorian Era series...