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           To Find a Duchess

Did Regency England actually have mail order brides? According to my research, they did have a few...

To Find a Duchess is my  debut novel and released in June of 2011. Not long after publication, the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me to lay it on the altar of Isaac. That was gut-wrenching after waiting a lifetime for a publishing possibility, but I took the book down from all avenues of sale for a full year.  The next summer, the Lord graciously took me to the 2012 National Fine Arts Festival for Assemblies of God youth along with my two teens and some of my fellow church youth. That's when He spoke to my heart and told me I could put the book back on the market. He knew the books would never be more important to me than Him. 

Sometime not long after, the Lord showed me He wanted me to help with missions and evangelistic efforts by using  70% of book proceeds toward this area. As sales permit, we give to three missionaries/evangelists, primarily one anointed evangelist from the Church of God who ministers to many people right here in our own country and occasionally abroad. A few times per year we give to other missionaries.  We have also sponsored a girl from Ghana through Compassion International so she will have a Christian education, general school education, medical care, and at least one meal per day.  I felt the Lord  showed me who He wanted me to give to, and I've been doing this to the best of my ability ever since. The 30% usually goes toward new book covers, publishing costs, travel costs for book signings/speaking engagements, and advertising/marketing efforts. In general, proceeds from all of my books are for missions, so when you purchase any of my books, you are doing so much more than merely purchasing a story.


In September of 2017, To Find a Duchess won first place in the Summer Literary Lighthouse Finalist Award.  What makes this particular award so distinctive is readers voted for the book. It made my heart sing!

I hope readers enjoy this Regency Era Inspirational Romance. I've always been fascinated with mail order bride stories. I enjoy writing about this time period in history when ladies wore beautiful, long gowns,  bonnets, or hats... gentlemen romanced women on the parlor sofa while chaperoned or in a long walk in the garden.  Manners were very important in society and there were so many interesting customs of the day.  Talk, in general, was more formal than today among the upper classes. This story has a great deal packed into it about Christian lifestyle as well. It is unusual in that it is written as if penned by an author living in the 1800's. It is full of classically styled narrative and description, but it also contains many twists and turns.

Book Description (As it appears on Amazon):

A Regency Inspirational Love Story set in the scenic Cotswolds of England:

She was a mail order bride...

He, a strong willed man of morals and faith... a titled Duke, the heir to a vast fortune and land holdings....he was looking for his Duchess... looking for a virtuous bride and a true love. He was running out of time. Was there anyone in the kingdom, in all of England, worthy of his devotion?

One reader calls this novel "An EXCEPTIONAL READ!"
Another reader says: "Excellent novel! Reads like a classic!"
When William decides to find a wife through a mail order bride advertisement in Regency England, he is hoping to find true love with someone who shares his faith. Although his relationship with his mail order bride begins as a business arrangement between himself and the lovely vicar's daughter, The Honorable Miss Alexandra Benningham, he has great hope and faith that in time, they will both find love and happiness as they share a life built on the same foundation of Christ centered living.

This is also his last resort to meet the requirements of his father's will in order to retain his full inheritance. He's had more than enough of England's finest debutantes trying to marry him for social status and wealth. He promises Miss Benningham an annulment if the marriage doesn't work out and decides not to tell her about his title as a means of testing her motive and character. Will she be able to love him first as a mere farmer?

When Lady Catherine Duncan shows up on the scene, things really get complicated. She seems to know a lot more about William than Alexandra does, to Alexandra's great concern. Lady Catherine claims the Duke violated a marriage contract with her and threatens to contest his marriage. Will he lose Alexandra forever because of Lady Catherine? Or will his lack of trust drive her away first?

Readers love this story set in the scenic Cotswalds of England. Written in a classic and narrative style without the "silly hackneyed expressions," as one reader points out, you'll find this novel distinctively different.

Few writers have the guts to tell a story like Lisa does. This book isn't filled with cheap and meaningless dialogue but rather, rich story telling and meaningful dialogue that displays the maturity of her characters. One reader says, "a delightful read," and another writes, "what a different take on a mail order bride story... a true Christian romance story..." Readers who have been nurtured on the classics will love the way this novel unfolds and will appreciate an exceptional novel and a refreshingly, clean romance.

Lisa Prysock is also the author of "Hannah's Garden: A Turn of the Century Love Story," (Volume I of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series), "Abigail's Melody," (Volume II of The Victorian Christian Heritage Series), and "The Redemption of Lady Georgiana," a Regency Ruth love story, the first book in "The Lydia Collection."

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